Brownbird Rudy Relic Jumps and Hollers in Hartford
"For those who don’t know, Brownbird describes himself as a “New York City Holler Blues Dynamo.” Armed only with a resonator guitar and kazoo, Brownbird swears off electricity (even music can be “green”) and delivers a raw, energetic set of booming blues emulated from legends like Leadbelly and Robert Johnson"
Live Review - The Local 269 (NYC)
"I have no doubt that everyone who heard Brownbird Rudy Relic's singin', pickin' and kazooin' was impressed. He's a great musician and The Local 269 has great sound. It would have been nice if they had been able to see him too. This bar has two lights and a big pillar in the middle. Too bad, because Brownbird is an energetic guy who thinks he can fly, and it's quite a treat to watch him try!"
Live Review - O2 Academy Birmingham UK
"After so many great singers and songs it isn’t easy to make the blues sound fresh and exciting but Brownbird does a pretty great job, mainly thanks to the sheer exuberance of his performance. I’ve never seen a guy sitting down (which he did for the entire set) put quite so much effort in to a show.

I’ve never seen a kazoo used in a blues performance either, but somehow he managed to rescue it from the Benny Hill of instruments and make it work. An awesome voice, rich and velvety – think shades of Otis Redding singing ‘Try A Little Tenderness’(particular on tonight’s set highlight ‘Your Tricks Ain’t Workin’) – coupled with a self penned songbook of authentic but fresh sounding blues numbers makes this particular Brownbird anything but a relic"
Live Review - Komedia, Brighton
"Well-matched opener [Brownbird Rudy Relic] overcame a chatty sold-out crowd with great aplomb. The Mexican New Yorker’s self-penned ‘Holler Blues’ went down as a treat…"
Live Review - Roots N Ruckus - NYC
"As [Brownbird] yelped and vaulted (frequently with a vocal flexibility more usually associated with R&B) through five or six songs, head thrown back, hair flying, I realized that I could picture audiences almost anywhere responding to this sort of thing. The universality of energy and charisma."
Live Review - The Corner - Melbourne, Australia
"[Brownbird’s} powerful voice instantly garner[ed] the attention of his audience. Shaking incessantly as he played, “Brownbird” was soon standing upright (no mean feet without a guitar-strap), jumping, dancing and gyrating towards an enthralled public. A roar of applause and yells met the close of his first song; we were all surprised but deeply impressed.

… Undoubtedly the sort of reception most support acts can only dream of but one which his performance and showmanship more than merited.”