Brownbird Rudy Relic Jumps and Hollers in Hartford
"For those who don’t know, Brownbird describes himself as a “New York City Holler Blues Dynamo.” Armed only with a resonator guitar and kazoo, Brownbird swears off electricity (even music can be “green”) and delivers a raw, energetic set of booming blues emulated from legends like Leadbelly and Robert Johnson"
Brownbird Rudy Relic Admits: "The Better My Hair Was, the Better My Music Was"
"I think of one person before getting on stage: Charley Patton. If I had a blues spirit animal, it would be him. I don't feel so much as he's watching me as I am watching him. I've asked myself every morning of my blues career: Am I doing him justice? I don't mean copping his style; I mean living his spirit. He's the greatest to do it, and I'm honored to even try."
Chicano Dynamite Review
"[Brownbird Rudy Relic's] approach to roots music is about as authentic and well-derived as they come. In the opening cut alone I was reminded of Chuck Berry, early Ray Charles and other timeless innovators. As the record progresses, other styles and influences shine through. I discovered that this isn't a novelty throwback record. I came to hear a young man driving his guitar like a wild horse and singing his heart out. I heard elements of rockabilly, blues, rhythm and blues, soul and all kinds of authentic roots music"
Examiner - Brownbird Rudy Relic
"The Blues are timeless. Love, hope, failure, and frustration have a consistency throughout time that makes these ideas inevitably acceptable to the masses. With songs like “I’ve Given Up”, and “Lonely When you’re here”, BROWNBIRD RUDY RELIC, takes obvious influences from Blues of the pre-war South. This artist, although traditional in many ways, has incorporated 90’s R&B, Doo-Wop and Mexican Romance Ballads, to create a title all of his own, “Acoustic Holler Blues”."
Live Feature - Charlotte, NC
"New York City’s Brownbird Rudy Relic, with his slick pompadour and rambunctious proto-rock stomp, exists in a sort of hillbilly/country blues tradition — as if, in some alternate universe, rock ‘n’ roll had never happened and its basic elements lived on anyway in a rough, raw state. The Brownbird, who identifies as Chicano, flavors his blues swing with elements of Mexican balladry. Accordingly, he spends very little time in tried-and-tedious 12-bar territory — avoiding the familiar folk-revival Lightnin’ Hopkins and Robert Johnson-worship in favor of something that lives, breathes and evolves."
Brownbird Rudy Relic Lives and Works Among the Analog Set
"The renegade bluesman bases his aesthetic and inspiration on the DIY punk movement and blues/Americana of yesteryear and he insists he’s firmly grounded in the 2000s. But Brownbird is an anachronism"
Brownbird Rudy Relic Hollers Back
"Before you call the Musically Extinct Society, however, consider the work of New York's Brownbird Rudy Relic, who plays Saturday in New London's El 'n' Gee Club. BBRR, as he refers to himself, fuses prime field holler-ness with Mance Lipscomb-flavored rural blues, Chuck Berry rock, and a vaguely Ernie K-Do-style personality to bring much sonic spirit, originality and fun to a room."
Music Discovery Podcast - I Am The Juke Feature
Brownbird Rudy Relic doens’t use his government name, going by his bandle in his ventures as a street performer in New York City and as a prolific vegan blogger. He calls his music “holler blues,” hearkening back to the field songs of the early south.
Live Review - The Local 269 (NYC)
"I have no doubt that everyone who heard Brownbird Rudy Relic's singin', pickin' and kazooin' was impressed. He's a great musician and The Local 269 has great sound. It would have been nice if they had been able to see him too. This bar has two lights and a big pillar in the middle. Too bad, because Brownbird is an energetic guy who thinks he can fly, and it's quite a treat to watch him try!"
Live Review - O2 Academy Birmingham UK
"After so many great singers and songs it isn’t easy to make the blues sound fresh and exciting but Brownbird does a pretty great job, mainly thanks to the sheer exuberance of his performance. I’ve never seen a guy sitting down (which he did for the entire set) put quite so much effort in to a show.

I’ve never seen a kazoo used in a blues performance either, but somehow he managed to rescue it from the Benny Hill of instruments and make it work. An awesome voice, rich and velvety – think shades of Otis Redding singing ‘Try A Little Tenderness’(particular on tonight’s set highlight ‘Your Tricks Ain’t Workin’) – coupled with a self penned songbook of authentic but fresh sounding blues numbers makes this particular Brownbird anything but a relic"
Live Review - Komedia, Brighton
"Well-matched opener [Brownbird Rudy Relic] overcame a chatty sold-out crowd with great aplomb. The Mexican New Yorker’s self-penned ‘Holler Blues’ went down as a treat…"
Live Review - Roots N Ruckus - NYC
"As [Brownbird] yelped and vaulted (frequently with a vocal flexibility more usually associated with R&B) through five or six songs, head thrown back, hair flying, I realized that I could picture audiences almost anywhere responding to this sort of thing. The universality of energy and charisma."
Live Review - The Corner - Melbourne, Australia
"[Brownbird’s} powerful voice instantly garner[ed] the attention of his audience. Shaking incessantly as he played, “Brownbird” was soon standing upright (no mean feet without a guitar-strap), jumping, dancing and gyrating towards an enthralled public. A roar of applause and yells met the close of his first song; we were all surprised but deeply impressed.

… Undoubtedly the sort of reception most support acts can only dream of but one which his performance and showmanship more than merited.”
Anti-Stereo Acoustic Holler Blues Review
"Let me state this succinctly as to avoid confusion: Brownbird Rudy Relic is the premier bluesman on the scene today. There are few that can match his sincerity or emotional ferocity – his music stands alone. This is not mimicry; this is the real deal! His debut Anti-Stereo Acoustic Holler Blues is the living, breathing testament to this claim."
Anti-Stereo Acoustic Holler Blues Review
"[Brownbird Rudy Relic] is in no way revivalist of a bygone era or sound. [He’s] more an independant evolution of prewar country blues; as if Charley Patton had glimpsed the future and seen it was Doo-Wop…"